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There was a lot that I did like, most of all the purpose of the entire film as a send-off for a character who's been with us for so many movies (and I think Hugh Jackman may have broken some kind of record playing him every single time). The R rating made it unique among the X-Men movies, and I thought it was very fitting for Wolverine to really cut loose with gore and adult language, just once, even though those aren't my favorite things to watch.

Jackman himself was great, Patrick Stewart as senile hopeless Professor X was amazing, and the kid playing X-23 left them both in the dust. I haven't read any comics with the character and was never that curious about her, but one thing I always loved about Wolvie was his history of forging a protective friendship with a superpowered young girl, which we've never really seen his movie counterpart doing. She was incredibly fun to watch, or poignantly sad as the scene called required. I also liked the inclusion of Caliban, and for once fully support the major adaptational changes they made to his character.

The part where I thought it started going downhill was the evening with the family from the horse trailer incident. Just once, I want to see an antihero cross paths with a happy couple or stable family who then go on to survive the damn movie. Yeah, bad guys are really bad, and you can't escape your past, and sometimes good people die. We get it. How about a brief reminder that the entire world doesn't revolve around Logan, and that whether or not he can save this one mutant girl, humanity still sometimes provides contented ordinary lives to people who deserve them? Too bleak to keep the balance, too cliche to really feel that bleak.

Anyway, there was at least something of a happy ending (loved the cross turned to an X), and it passed the time nicely. Ideally, we'd see a movie like this for the rest of the Fox-owned Marvel characters too, and then they would just stop making them forever, but I'm not going to speculate on what's coming next because there are probably answers out there that I just haven't bothered to find. Since Logan will probably be recast within this generation, I'll just note that I'd like to see him played by a short, hairy, unattractive middle-aged guy.

Obligatory "nyah-nyah I have some familiarity with the source material" roll call: I recognized Rictor, and a few other names, but not much else. Anyone got the story on that comic book they were poring over for Eden? That style was smack dab in the era I did most of my reading, but I couldn't tell if there were any panels from or references to an actual story line from 616.
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