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Happy March

So...that was an entire month without an LJ post and precious little presence on the site at all. I think this may be the beginning of an extended goodbye. Not leaving in any quantifiable capacity; I'm just going to stop giving myself a hard time about not having anything worthwhile to post. It's okay to unfriend me. I would have liked to get to know everyone better but it seems I haven't been up to the task.

Regardless, I'm still working on the kinds of things that I would like to post here, if I ever finish any of them, so here's my first-of-the-month checklist.

Worked a lot on "Wolfsbane" and one other fic. Hoping both will be done by the end of the month.

Finished Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The first was because I discovered a heap of free borrows on Kindle and it had 'gargoyle' in the title. Had some nice twists on the urban fantasy standards, but I probably won't do the random gamble on an indy YA novel thing again; too many other books to read. Well, maybe like one a year. Anyway, the other was the next classic on my list and well worth the read. I'm most familiar with it through Treasure Planet; anyone remember that movie?
Did get through an entire WoT book in addition, The Dragon Reborn. Glad to say I'm still lovin' it! Next one is super long though and I'm not skimming as fast as I thought I would so I may fail to get through it in the same time frame.

TV and games:
Finished my rewatch of Avatar: the Last Airbender. I love that show so so much that when I started on The Legend of Korra it was a little bit of a letdown just because it wasn't exactly the same show. Or maybe because Korra's attitude makes me mad? Anyway, I'm only one episode in. We'll see.
It's possible that I didn't play any FFVIII. I guess I needed a break.

Another thing I worked on a lot was my extra-wordy meme. I even started posting it in entries scheduled to publish through March, but at the last minute realized I wouldn't get them up on time, so I changed it to April. Alas.
Fail on the media reviews I was supposed to post at least once a month. Just...wasn't in the mood.

Whatever happens to me or this blog, I still have slots open for my goal of six random acts of goodwill.
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