Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

Happy February

I've put a lot of work into "Wolfsbane", mostly over the past few days -- sudden surge of inspiration, I don't know. I finally feel like I'm going to finish it within this lifetime.
Also I started another Daemon AU for a surprise fandom. Nothing too exciting but I like it.

Finished Forbidden Thoughts, a sci-fi short story collection, and The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
After dragging for a few months I finally applied myself to The Wheel of Time again, and all of a sudden I'm not just here for the nostalgia anymore. It feels good to realize that I wasn't just a dorky kid addicted to schlock when I first read them. I actually had pretty good taste! The Great Hunt, I now recall, was one of my favorites in the series, and it worked its One Power on me again. I followed it up with soaking in some fandom talk I found on Tor.com, and I've already started The Dragon Reborn.

TV and games:
Most of the way through my rewatch of Avatar: the Last Airbender in preparation for The Legend of Korra, and I've been playing a lot of FFVIII.


I worked on my megameme and did a comic review.
Ahem. You know that meme where I asked everyone to sign up so I could grant them a random act of goodwill at some point this year? Well, I added it to my list of 2017 resolutions. Thing is, I didn't get much of a response and it kind of discouraged me to think that people weren't interested in receiving surprises from me. This may be related to why I gave up on the Snowflake Meme -- the next assignment involved acts of goodwill and I was stumped. How do you know what will really make people happy unless they ask for it?

So if you want to cheer me up, there are slots open here until I say there aren't anymore. You don't owe me anything in exchange.
Tags: a book i read, a game i played, avatar: tla and tlok, randland, writing

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