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You know, whenever ponies talk about powerful magic, they always leave me out.

While I was feeling down around Christmas I decided to get myself a frivolous gift, and now there's a spirit of chaos watching over my study...

I don't usually buy any fandom merch, especially if it doesn't do anything but take up shelf room, but I'm really happy with Discord. He's less a toy, more a plastic sculpture, decently sized and durable. It turns out he comes off the throne and his wings are posable, which I like.

The last season of ponies gave me an even greater appreciation of his character. Essentially a demigod and never altogether innocent, his arc has shown some serious movement since he was first introduced as a villain, especially considering that he's only appeared in a handful of episodes.

When I was a little girl, shows for little girls never had characters like Discord. Shows for little girls never reformed villains into jealous but caring super-powered allies. Shows for little girls never made monsters into toys.

Raise a...coffee, or chocolate milk, or whatever that is...to everyone's favorite draconequus.

All discord, harmony, not understood,
All partial evil, universal good.
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