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Yes, I will be getting HBO for this single purpose.

Countrymen, have I spoken to you of my favorite books? They're collectively called A Song of Ice and Fire, and they begin with A Game of Thrones and are written by George RR Martin. There, now you're armed with the knowledge you need to go check it out of your local library. I know that's probably not enough in itself to convince you, but I'm willing to beg.

Anyway, the series is also on its way to becoming an HBO show, and if you have the means to watch it once it arrives and you choose not to, I'm not only going to beg but threaten.

The actual purpose of this entry is that the author just posted this article to his blog, and since many of you are writers, I thought it might interest you. To summarize it, one of the issues with adapting a fantasy series to the screen is that some of the characters speak a different language than the main ones do, and that language doesn't exist in our world. Unlike Tolkien and his ilk, GRRM isn't a linguist and he had very little material on the "Dothraki" tongue, as he didn't need it for the books.

So they hired a guy to create it. A whole freaking language. It is now possible to learn Dothraki. I'll be able to swear in Dothraki. I'll be able to refer to my husband that I don't have as my sun-and-stars, in Dothraki. I'll be able to mutter the Dothraki words for "it is known" at the end of my sentences. In effect, I can become a hundred times the ASOIAF nerd that I am now. Do you see what a gift this is?

Has anyone made up any part of a language for your own writing? How much effort did you put into it? Did you pull on any second language that you might have, or any knowledge of linguistics in general?
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