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2016 Master List

Yeah I started doing lists and then I couldn't stop so I guess I'm feeling more like myself now.

One-Shot Fanfics:

Signal Fire (Jurassic World; Owen/Claire)
Five Senses Karen Has and One That Matt Doesn't (Daredevil; Matt/Karen)
Untitled (Crossover: Avengers/Deadpool)
It's All Connected (Crossover: MCU/Deadpool)
Superspeed (Avengers; Wanda&Bartons)
Procyon B (GotG; Peter/Rocket)
Unsalvageable (Daredevil; Matt/Karen)

Fanfic Chapters:

Brace for Impact (GotG; Peter&Rocket)
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Older (BtVS; Buffy/Angel)
Chapter Fifteen
Wolfsbane (BtVS; Buffy/Angel)
Prologue through Chapter Seventeen


Applicant (Avengers/Deadpool)
Profiling (Avengers/Deadpool)
Rejection (Avengers/Deadpool)
Untitled (Captain America: Civil War)


GoT Macros
More GoT Macros
Even more GoT Macros

Episode Reviews:

Welcome to the Hellmouth
The Harvest


Responsibility in Civil War and Buffyverse vampires
Saga Lately
Some notes on the Civil War comics


Marvel apron
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