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Happy January/Happy 2017/Former Resolutions Check-in


Finish Jurassic World fic by the end of the week
Finish Daredevil fic by the end of the month
Add a chapter to "Older" per the challenge I set on Day 6

Write some B/A fic totaling at least 5000 words (Aaarghh....)
Complete a fic of any length for the GotG fandom

Original fiction:

Complete my story "Retronym" (It's not dead yet, at least.)
Finish writing the first arc of my superhero comic
Plot out the first arc for my other comic
Revisit my YA fantasy novel
(Revisited, in the sense that I opened the doc and realized it wasn't the right time to return to it, but I thought I should let myself have this one.)
Clean up and post/publish a couple poems


Draw centaur porn (It's going to be so weird not having this on my resolutions.)
Sketch the main characters from the two comics
Make something for my nephew and/or nieces
Complete any kind of painting
Use Photoshop
Use my sewing machine
Finish repainting my Psyche sculpture


Finish a book a month (This month was The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, plus the reread of American Gods and the comic series Y: The Last Man. All were good. I'm going to continue with this goal although I may not write it down.)
Finish the Civil War event before the movie
Finish the Age of Apocalypse event before the movie
Devour all the Squirrel Girl that exists
Check out the Harry Dresden series on audiobook
(I'm still reading these, but currently hovering at the beginning of Proven Guilty. I broke my iPhone.)
Get a Wheel of Time refresher (Seems I've taken an unintended break, but I'll continue with this series too.)
Read one poem every night before going to sleep (This too.)


Catch up on Game of Thrones (Yeah no I haven't started S6 yet, but I own it and we're watching it soon, so it counts.)
Catch up on Doctor Who (When's the last time I wrote about this? I did enjoy the finale.)
Revive my BtVS episode reviews (One more for the "will continue" pile.)


Fix the comments system etc. on Castle Kairos (Aaaarrrrrghhh.)
Finish and post my homebrew 30-day meme
Get the theme tune for Pompidou out of my head (At last! Hey, maybe I should go listen to it again...)
Tags: a book i read, a comic i read, castle kairos, creative agenda, doctor who, links, music, six steps to neil gaiman, westeros, writing

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