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It's finally sunk in that the reason I keep waffling on the right time to tell the internet I'm back is that I don't really want to come back. Avoiding social media hasn't exactly improved my life (if anything, I'm just playing more Pokemon Go), but neither has the new habit of peeking surreptitiously at the first few posts visible on any given site and then closing it again with a sigh. It may be time to stop doing things halfway.

This isn't as big a deal as I'm making it sound, but part of the problem is that if I don't say anything about a decision I'm making, the decision doesn't actually get made and I carry on indefinitely with all my useless thoughts. So when I got the email today about renewing my additional userpic package, I picked out 70 of them to delete, and withheld my ten bucks. I wish I could have dropped ten at a time or something but such is life.

Anyway, you won't notice much of a change on my own blog, but I'm headed to New Orleans for a minibreak on Monday and probably won't take a laptop, and then it's Thanksgiving. So if I seem like I've vanished, it's because of that, not because of anything related to this post: the "decision" relates only to my activity on my friends page. There's more Wolfsbane in the works and it will get here sooner or later.

I also saved all of those deleted icons in their own special folder so I can reinstate them if there comes a time for it. No burned bridges.

Like I said before, you can defriend me or speak your mind here without fear of repercussions. Peace.
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