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Wolfsbane: Chapter Two

I figure a bit every day until I run out (or finish) makes sense.

Robin turned the key and got a satisfying click before the door swung open. The Hyperion was from an era when hotels in Los Angeles gave their guests real keys instead of cards, and he appreciated that Buffy and Angel had kept it that way. He wasn’t overly enamored of the old-fashioned, but he did like the style here.

“Think this will do?” asked Buffy, hovering in the doorway.

He turned in a full circle, taking in the suite she had chosen for him. It was furnished in keeping with the Hyperion’s grandiose origins, but decorated neutrally, as a commercial hotel room would have been. He didn’t think anyone had been staying in it lately. “It will do just fine,” he answered. “Anyway, I’m right down the street if I need anything from home.”

Buffy nodded as they stepped deeper into the suite. “Cool. Well, we’ll let you know when we have a better idea of how long we’ll need you to stay here. The most important thing is that the Slayers know that you’re around and that they can come to you with whatever problems come up. Unless they’re woman problems, and they usually just talk to each other about those.”

“Kate may stop in sometimes too. She’s good with the younger girls.”

Buffy seemed pleased. “Oh yeah? Does she want a room of her own?”

Robin had to laugh. “I hope not.” It had taken him long enough to convince Kate to move into his own base of operations, a Slayer training facility where he lived and sometimes hosted allies, though the building was more suited to workout and strategy sessions. Buffy knew that he and Kate were involved, and that both were reluctant, for their own reasons, to let Slayer business absorb their lives too deeply, but she still took every opportunity to encourage them to spend more time at the Hyperion.

He couldn’t really blame her. She was working toward a cohesive center to the Slayers’ organization, and eventually that would mean merging Robin’s program with her own. But he had been holding it down independently for years now, while she was living abroad and then in New York, and he wasn’t sure he was ready to yield his position yet.

“What about Bethany?” Buffy asked. “We like Bethany. And there are so many girls her age here.”

“Honestly, I think that’s what keeps her away. She’s not a Slayer. She’d feel left out.” He liked Bethany, too. After the Battle of Los Angeles, she had searched for him on her own and found him, with no other objective than allying herself with someone who could help her use her telekinetic powers for a good purpose. She hadn’t revealed everything about her past, but she trusted Angel and seemed to spend a lot of time on the phone with his son, and had easily warmed to Buffy by extension.

Buffy hesitated, then dipped her head in acquiescence. “Well, anyway. Thanks for Slayer-sitting. And for finding the guy with the plane. I’m meeting him in an hour, so my road ought to get hit.”

Robin had been flipping the key around in his fingers; now he pocketed it and began thinking about what kind of clothing and necessities he would need to collect from home. He wondered if Buffy enjoyed this part of her job, or if she had grown tired of relocating, like he had after years of hunting Spike and looking for a purpose. “You sure you don’t want to just send someone else to Cleveland?” he asked. “I know you’ve got an affinity for anything involving a Hellmouth and a bunch of mysterious deaths, but all these Slayers aren’t just for show.”

“Mmhm,” Buffy agreed. “They can take on any other mission, but this one had a dreamtag. I’m the one that’s gotta be there.”

(Edited on 11/04/16 because holy crap I already miscounted the chapters.)
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