Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

Wolfsbane: Prologue

Thank you to those who wanted to see some of the fic I mentioned in my last entry. The plan so far is to keep posting it in small doses until I've overcome the block enough to finish up the rest of it.

The plan may change and so could the story, so this is emphatically unofficial. When it's finished or permanently abandoned, I'll come back and add tags, wordcounts, etc., maybe do some editing, and post it on the fanfiction sites.

Buffy ran, alone but for the wild grey wolf always one stride ahead of her. It never slowed, but it never moved quickly enough to lose her, though she thought it could have with ease. Maybe it didn’t fear being caught. Maybe it wasn’t running from her, but leading her.

They passed through the Hyperion, entering and leaving her own quarters without touching stairs or an elevator, despite the suite being located on the fourth floor. Next it was her old apartment in New York, then Rome. The wolf didn’t look back as it bounded into an unfamiliar wood, and Buffy didn’t hesitate to follow, even when the forest opened up into an airport and fireworks exploded overhead.

In another few strides, they were inside the Sunnydale High library. Faith and Spike were sitting at the table, looking through a leather-bound tome together and laughing peaceably. The wolf finally came to a halt and turned around to face Buffy, and she saw its eyes for the first time, solid blood red.

Faith looked up from the book and said to Buffy, “Toxoplasma,” and Spike nodded and agreed, “Toxoplasma.”

The library was suddenly filled with people -- all strangers, she thought, until a short man browsing the stacks turned around and grinned at her. The wolf raised its muzzle to the sky, making Buffy aware that there was no ceiling. As a deafening howl filled the air, she looked up at the moon and saw it change from a crescent to a perfect circle.

Everyone in the room except for Spike and Faith began to transform, fur sprouting, ears turning pointed, voices joining the first wolf’s howl. Buffy looked at her own hands, but before she could determine if it was happening to her too, the room began to shimmer, catch fire, and cave in.

Buffy felt no fear. She had known already that she was standing on the mouth of Hell.
Tags: wolfsbane
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