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B/A Wishlist

With the pivotal Issue #34 coming up soon, I wanted to put together a list of things which B/A shippers have been hoping for all these years, just in case any of them actually happen. I'll probably be incommunicado for Wednesday itself (got a visitor coming my way), so I might miss some of the fanfare immediately following the release of the issue (but not the issue itself, visitor can bloody well sit tight for a few minutes while I drool all over my new comic book).

Feel free to suggest some items that I can add to the list! You can suggest items that I should take off of it, too, but unless you can convince me that I'm the only one who wants them, I probably won't listen.


~Shirtless Angel
~permanently secured soul
~moar kissage
~moar sex
~moar sex x2
~moar bloodplay OM NOM NOM
~Buffy remembers the IWRY lost day
~any other reference to IWRY
~Angel's relationship with Dawn illuminated
~Angel finds out about Spike's rape attempt
~Buffy tells Spike that she loves Angel
~reference to the cookie dough speech
~Buffy wears the claddagh and/or cross necklace from Angel
~Angel tells Buffy about Connor
~Buffy and Angel save the day
~any insight whatsoever as to what happened at the unseen meeting
Tags: buffyverse, dark horse buffy comics, pairing: buffy/angel
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