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Books and Comics and TV Lately

Having a hard time maintaining a presence on the internet. I think it's more mental than situational but the mental is because of the situational, does that make any sense? I don't feel interesting lately so I don't feel like I'm depriving you of anything by not posting entries, but I'm sorry for not keeping up with what you've been posting about your own lives. I'll try to stop reading LJ on my phone, which ruins everything.

Anyway, just to have something to write about, I decided to make a list of everything I'm currently reading, and the different slots they all fill.

Kindle book: The Three Musketeers. Always on hand for when I've got a few minutes to fill while I'm out. Not too far in yet, but it's fun. Light and fast-paced. Next up is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Paperback: The Silmarillion. Once I'd started this, I went a few months without picking it up, but I'm coming closer to the end now. Mostly I read a little bit at a time just before bed. The story of Beren and Luthien was the best. Next up is American Gods.

Audiobook: Summer Knight. I'm on the final half hour or so and I think it's my favorite Dresden book so far. I'm also feeling more certain that the issues I was having were mostly due to not being an audiobook person, but I just don't have another slot for these and I need biking entertainment. Next up is whatever Dresden book is up next.

Re-read: The Eye of the World. Since I'm not actually reading, I feel like I should have been able to finish this in an afternoon, but at least I know I'm not getting nothing from it. I usually pick this one up when I want to read but I'm too tired for a "real" book. Next up is the rest of the whole dang Wheel of Time.

Poetry: The Complete Works of Robert Frost. As I've described before, one (or several, or part of one) every night before the light goes off. Pretty far through, but the sad thing is there's a play at the end I intend to skip, so I won't be able to say I've read the complete works of Frost. Next up is a little book called Good Poems.

Non-fiction: A guide to raising chickens. :) It's just been sitting on the coffee table for ages and sometimes I remember I should learn beyond the basics for these animals which are under our care. Next up is probably something from the library about sewing or sculpting.

Comics: Catching up on Buffy S10. Most issues are good for a few minutes of entertainment, like when I'm eating breakfast, and it's nice to pay two bucks instead of four. Next up is Hellboy or Y: The Last Man or something by Scott Cloud.

Fanfiction: Very occasionally. Lately, my standards are that it has to be by someone I consider a friend, who writes for fandoms I love, writes well, and has similar ships/views to mine. Hence the very occasionally, and why I don't know what's up next.

Okay, and for the hell of it, here's also what I'm watching.

Supernatural: watching with Taaroko through S5.
Breaking Bad: watching S4 with Simon, alternating with Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones: watching S5 with Simon, alternating with Breaking Bad.
Firefly: never did finish watching with Simon, probably will at some point.
Gargoyles: rewatching with Taaroko through S3.
Daredevil: rewatching S2 by myself.
Adventure Time: watching S3 or maybe S4 by myself.
Animaniacs: watching S2 by myself.

Next up is Poldark with Simon, Luke Cage when it comes, Agents of SHIELD when it's back, and Doctor Who at some point.

Am I the only one who has designated uses or buddies for specific types of media? I'm trying to figure it out for music, too - cooking music, art music, etc.
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