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Buffy laid in bed next to Spike thinking about how much she loved him. But she could never tell him because she was afraid he would leave her and she couldn’t ever bare that. He was so hot. He was the only good thing in her life since she had come back from heaven.

Buffy thoughgt about Dawn and her friends and how they didn’t understand. Then she had seen Angel and she was so depressed that she thought maybe she still loved him and she had to see him, but he didn’t understand either, she realized that he was a teenage crush and now she was too mature for that. Plus he said he was in lovew ith Cordelia now, and in her heart Buffy knew they were perfect for each other and even thought she was shtill angeyr at Angel for abandoning her she was really happy for them.

Buffy leaned closer to Spike’s sleeping form, with his chisled muscles and his tall frame. She remembered all the hot sex they had that night and blushesd but she already wanted more, the kind of sex that breaks down buildings because it’s so hot and makes her not depressed (good sex breaks down buildings fyi). He smelled like roses even though he had just smoked a pack of cigarettes. “I love you Spike” she whispered tenderly.

“I love you too pet,” murmured Spike as he opened his eyes.

Buffy gasped. “I thoughgt you were asleep! Forget I said that, I can’t ever tell you that so just pretend it idnt happen!”

“It’s alright love,” he murmured sexily. “I knoew it’s true.”

“But spike you have no soul so how can it be okay that we love each other?”

“I have no soul but I have a heart, so I can love just as much as anyone, epsecially Peaches with his poofy hair. I am so pure and holy that even without a soul Im still a good man. You can trust me, all I want is your love.”

“Oh Spike.” Buffy was overwhelmed with love and happiness and she was really turned on. “If that’s true then I have to tell you this”

“What is it love?”

“I don’t know how this can be but I’m pregnant and the baby is yours. Will you stay with me Spike and be a good father? I know you can because you took care of Dawn that one time when I was dead and you had nowhere to go anyway.”

Spike was so happy, Buffy was going to have his baby and he loved her so very much. “I’ll never let you go, Buffy! Never!”

After that they made love again (and again and again) until the sun came up and Buffy had to go back to her friends who didn’t understand her. “I wish you could come out in te sunlight with me,” she said sadly to Spike, because she didn’t want to leave him yet—or ever again!

“Well pet maybe there’s hope, you see there’s a prophecy—“ Just then Spike began shining brightly and then when the light dilapidated he was a human!

“This is the beginning of our new life, forever.”

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