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Happy August

Write some B/A fic totaling at least 5000 words: Worked on it.
Complete a fic of any length for the GotG fandom: Posted two chapters.

Original fiction:
Nothing this month.

Draw centaur porn: Inked it and colored the characters. Now I just have to fill in a background, scan it, and ask God for forgiveness.
Make something for my nephew and/or nieces: My nephew asked me to draw a horse in his sketchbook the other day but I don't think that counts. I may do a sculpture of their cat, since they liked the one I did of Blackie.

Finish a book a month: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Better than I expected, actually. Hester Prynne and her ambiguously demonic little daughter are interesting characters, and Puritan New England is a setting I just haven't seen too often.
Read one poem every night before going to sleep: Didn't even try while I was away, but back to it now.

Catch up on Game of Thrones: Finished S4, purchased and started S5.

Nothing this month.

So sad to not cross off a single item, but thus is the fruits of traveling. At least I worked on a couple things.
Tags: a book i read, creative agenda, westeros

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