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American Gods

By now you've already seen this, but:

Loving that music choice, and the attention to detail: coin tricks, Wednesday's white suit, Laura calling Shadow "puppy".

I pre-ordered the book with this new cover because come on, that's just cool. I hardly ever buy books - got too many free ones around me to finish before I die, anyway - but I expect the library's got a long waitlist and I really want to reread before I watch.

...Because I'm pretty sure it's been upwards of fifteen years. I remember it pretty well - specific scenes more than plot points - but I was younger then and I bet there's a lot I missed. I know I didn't figure out who Mr. Wednesday was until he identified himself, and I feel like now I would have guessed it just from the trailer.

If you want to prep for the show without reading the book, or if you want to prep for the book, I'd recommend researching various pantheons. I won't give away which gods appear, but it's extra fun when you know your mythology enough to recognize them when they do.

The copy I read the first time was a hardcover that was passed around my group of friends, one by one, when we saw each other at parties or camping thingies. I think we even all wrote our names on the inside cover, but I can't remember who actually owned it.

The other reason I wanted to talk about this show again is that when I first heard about it I wanted to make a "cast Shadow" pun, but now the right moment has kind of passed.
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