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Plane Movies

On the flight to Ireland I decided it was finally time to give the third Hobbit movie a chance. I was wrong. There's never going to be a reason that movie deserves a chance. It felt like it had been written by tearing up a copy of Twilight, a printout of a young person's Tumblr, and the scripts for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and then taping the pieces together at random and hoping for the best. My God, what an ugly mess of a film. I fell asleep in the middle and never want to find out what I missed.

On the way home I had intended to rewatch Zootopia but the lineup had already changed, so I tried Ice Age instead (it was the one with dinosaurs). Not really a fan of that series but I love prehistoric mammals, so it passed the time. I wish children's movies would stop with the wink-nudge-it's-a-penis jokes, though. There are other ways to entertain the adults in the audience.

After that I put on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but without committing to it, and I got bored after the first ten minutes or so and played the trivia game with my husband instead.

Near the end of the flight I felt desperately uncomfortable and needed distraction, so I chose one that I would have to pay attention to even though I hadn't planned on watching it and didn't have enough flight left to finish it: Room. The description of this movie kind of sounds like a particularly tasteless horror movie, and I'm not even into straight-up drama, but I was curious anyway.

As it turns out, there's nothing tasteless or horror about it. The inhumanity that sets the stage isn't the point; the real story is the love between a woman and her son, and the amazing things they can do because of it. When I turned it off before landing, I was at a place near the middle which could have served as the happy ending I wanted, and I thought about just pretending that was the whole story, but then it was on my mind all day and ended up being the first thing I watched when we got home. Best movie I've seen in a long time, seriously.

This was right before/during all the SDCC announcements, but somehow the name and pictures of Brie Larson just didn't click at the time. But I get it now! The brilliant actress who played Ma in Room is going to be Carol Danvers! My familiarity with the character comes mostly from the long stretch in which she shared a body with Rogue (because back then, when things changed in the Marvel Universe they actually mattered), but I know she's also associated with Marvel's cosmic stuff, so that's exciting. Excelsior!
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