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Breaking Bad: reactions from someone who didn't want to be watching this

After several years of hearing everyone outside of my own online fandom raving and gushing about how awesome this show is, and feeling completely secure in my lack of interest in it, I'm glad to say that it hasn't surprised me at all. It's exactly what I thought it was going to be.

I know I'm not the first to say it, but Walter's a creep, and to hell with him. Jesse had a good shot at redemption but I'm pretty sure he'll be either dead or destitute and hopeless by the end. Skyler and her family are intolerable. Walter Jr., despite being a disabled teenager in a dysfunctional family, somehow manages to be boring. Who names their son Walter Jr.?

We're on, I think, the fifth episode of the second season. I had only signed on for one season but Mr. Kairos tricked me into continuing. At least the seasons are short.

Does it sound like I hate it? I totally don't. And I knew I wouldn't; like I was saying before, I just want to cut out all the shows I don't love. Television isn't bad by nature but it's a timesuck. In this case it's worth it for the domestic harmony.

One thing I do like is the setting. I've never been to the Southwest and it's interesting seeing such familiar aspects of American life and culture against all that open space and burning sun. I had kind of the same thing with True Blood: vampires are business as usual for me, but Louisiana? That mixes it up.

I also like the chemistry - funny how we usually use that word when talking about a show, but this time it actually means chemical reactions. I'm not a science person, but y'know, I'm not a meth person either, and at least I can approve of science. There hasn't been much about Walter's classroom lately though.

After I complained to Mr. Kairos about the scene where Walt nearly rapes his wife (for his own character development, natch) - and Skyler's negative portrayal in general - and how the only other female character is even worse - he said last night that he was starting to notice those things too, although he never had before. Men watch shows men made for men, here come woman all stealin' his goggles.

Oh! Just got to where Jessica Jones shows up. Major highlight. I hope she's back. I'd never seen Krysten Ritter in anything else, and she's really just an amazing actress, huh? It was also cool seeing Mayor Richard Wilkins III, if a bit spooky. He seemed so serious. And real.

The humor is pretty good, when it's not just one character being mean to another one. I need a gif of Skyler shushing Walt by putting two fingers on his lips, because I'd like to perfect that technique. Mr. Kairos let me practice it on him but it didn't work; there's no known way to make him stop talking.

As for that domestic harmony, my box set of GoT S4 just arrived, and that's the first season with episodes I haven't yet seen. WHOSE SHOW WILL PREVAIL?
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