Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

Books and Fandoms Lately

I'm listening to a Dresden Files book about werewolves, and I'm writing a fanfic about werewolves.

I'm reading Dracula by Bram Stoker, and I'm always writing a fanfic about vampires.

The last book I finished was about a scientist trying to turn animals into humans through painful surgical procedures. It came up randomly on my "read next" list, but coincided with my fanfic about Rocket's origins.

Come to think of it, the Age of Apocalypse comic event has an arc about experimentation that combines human and animal genes, and so does Gargoyles.

And then there's Supernatural, which basically has an episode on every fantasy/sci-fi trope ever invented.

Not really trying to figure out what this says about me or the media I tend to consume, but I do want to keep writing. Sometimes when I'm stuck, I realize that I just need to change gears and work on a different story. Sometimes that just leaves me staring blankly at a different open doc. How do I know which solution to use and how does inspiration enter it?

Also I've been making a concerted effort to only watch TV when I really feel like it, and only shows I really want to watch right at that moment. (Adventure Time and now Animaniacs are the rulebreakers, since I feel okay leaving the room to do something else and missing bits.) Hence, dropping my second viewing of Daredevil S2 a few episodes in. For some reason I'm playing FFVIII again. That seems somehow like it's part of the same puzzle.

Anyway, there are a few stories/writing projects I really want to finish or to just keep up the momentum. I don't think Daredevil is part of the inspiration for any of them.

I was going to spend this weekend in DC but plans changed and now I have a weekend at home by myself instead. I think I may use it to finish my Daredevil S2 rewatch.
Tags: a book i read, a comic i read, a show i watched, disney, the defenders, writing
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