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Movies Lately

I had been debating whether The Force Awakens was one of those few movies I'd buy as soon as it was available - I like owning movies, because I'm a rewatcher, but usually I wait until it's cheap. Exceptions made if I really really really want to see it again right now.

My trip to Copenhagen solved that for me by having it in the movie selection. Wheeee! I watched it on both flights and I'm satiated until such time as it becomes reasonable to purchase on DVD.

Does it seem like a lot of people can understand BB-8 without a readout or translator? In the original trilogy and prequels, I don't remember anyone being able to speak to droids except for other droids. I'm not complaining, since it saves us having a new C-3PO character, but it seemed like an inconsistency. Kind of felt the same about Chewbacca; it used to be just him and Han who could chat.

Han definitely knew Rey's origin (you can tell because the scene cuts right after Maz asks him about it). How? Why?

When you have a character like Kylo Ren, people start talking about redemption as a Y/N question, but I don't think that's really going to be the most interesting thing about him in the next movies. Heel-Face Turn, Vader-style last-minute repentance, complete annihilation, whatever. What I want to know is what is Leia going to do? Her son whom she loves just killed her husband whom she loves! This is going to be the most emotionally charged reunion in the galaxy!

I also had time to check out X-Men 3: The Last Stand, since I hadn't seen it since it was in the theaters and I wanted to know if it was any better than I remembered. It isn't. I ended up forwarding through most of it. The only thing that surprised me was that MacTaggart's already been in a movie (albeit briefly). The only really neat use of mutant powers was Iceman vs. Pyro. I really hope that everyone involved in the reboot repents of the mess this studio has made of Marvel's most epic property.

Long flight - I also watched The Good Dinosaur. That was a mistake. There's nothing wrong with the concept, your standard "kid gets separated from his people, has an adventure to get back to them" in a mixed-prehistory setting. The kid goes through the usual checkpoints, making a friend, meeting a variety of strangers who help or hinder his quest, but none of it is fun. The friend is cute, but there's no good reason for him to be a human when he never speaks and he acts exactly like a wolf. The variety of strangers turns out to be a variety of rednecks, with the sole exception of a paranoid ceratopsid with an invalid horn configuration, who has the only good scene in the movie.

The animation doesn't really make up for any other failings - there are some cool-looking moments, but the character design is terrible. The voice acting is nothing special either. Not every Pixar can be a masterpiece, but this is the first one that's outright disappointed me.

Luckily, I don't have to lose hope for CG animated blockbusters, because Zootopia was just wonderful. Smart, creative, epic, cheerful, and full of anthropomorphic animals and all the species jokes that come with them. The part of my brain I wish I could turn off wants to complain that it should have been obvious that such a diverse population needs an equally diverse police force, and if they ever explained exactly what carnivores do eat, I missed it, but the world was detailed enough to remain convincing for two hours. I really liked that the plot incorporated all the difficulties of animals-as-people into the plot, instead of emphasizing their human traits, like cartoons for younger kids do. Lots of warmfuzzies, almost literally.

I'm buying my tickets for Civil War this weekend right now. So far I've rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, and I got my hands on a copy of The Winter Soldier, which I'm going to bookend with the Agents of SHIELD crossover, then finish up with Age of Ultron. Already feeling my soft spot for Steve growing, but I knew I was on his team anyway.
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