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Hang up a lamp to find your way back

In addition to leaving comments and kudos, Ao3 allows users to bookmark a story as a public rec or a personal reference. As a reader I haven't had much need for the feature but today it suddenly clicked that I could read the notes that readers had left on my own stories.

So I basically discovered a handful of new reviews of old stories, only they were phrased like, "Early B/A" and "great atmosphere with really natural dialogue" and "The one were the Avengers capture Rocket with the intent of helping, Rocket gets triggered and reacts magnificantly and Quill can't believe he just met Captain America." (Sic, for all.)

Much as I wish everyone would tap me on the shoulder whenever they rec'd my stories, I think my favorite kind of feedback is the kind that wasn't intended for my benefit. Not that I doubt the integrity of reviewers, but having my work summarized by someone else lets me see it through their eyes and understand what they liked about it.

And I really needed a bit of that; I always make sure to tell my readers that their comments keep me going, but when comments dry up I start to realize how true that actually is. My problem, not anyone else's - nobody is ever entitled to feedback - it's just helpful to examine the writer/reader relationship sometimes and find reasons to believe I'm not the only one getting something out of my stories.

If it wasn't already clear, I'm at a standstill with "Brace for Impact" and can't help wondering if the crowd from "Detonation Imminent" is ever going to find it. Working on a way forward either way. I'm also halfway through The Island of Dr. Moreau; maybe that will help.
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