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TV Lately: Return of the Rewatch

Gotta tell ya, the only thing I've felt like doing lately is watching TV and blogging about it (or writing fanfiction, which isn't that different), but life conspires against me. Apparently I've decided to bike myself to death, now that the weather allows it, except that the weather doesn't actually allow it, I'm just crazy enough to put on rain gear and pretend like that fixes everything. Exercise is dismal, yo.

Okay, stop talking about biking, yes. I've been doing the "watching" part because it's very easy even when you're tired, so now I'm going to try to do a little bit of the blogging.

My first Gargoyles rewatch! And this time with a buddy who hasn't seen it before. I still love this show and I'm hoping this time to get more out of the 994 AD flashbacks, since I was so focused on the Manhattan Clan before. The best thing is still the way the gargoyles are designed and animated, though. I think they inspired my own fantasy art way back when I hadn't even seen the show. Not sure how that could be, it just feels like it happened.

The last episode of Supernatural was the Scared Dean Show, which was glorious. I told Taaroko that the outtake of him lip-syncing "Eye of the Tiger" was the first time I truly loved Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles - not sure what it says that my favorite character moment wasn't actually a character moment. (Did I even get the actor's name right?) Anyway, that came on the heels of the B&W horror movie one, and that was, first of all, just gutsy. People don't like B&W, even when it's the perfect choice. After watching that one, I followed my husband to work and made him play Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" for me. Does anyone have links to other organ scenes in pop culture? I kind of want to collect them.

Speaking of Spouseman, I figured out the trick to getting him interested in my favorite shows is just to start watching them while he's in the room. My Game of Thrones rewatch is on early S2, and in an almost magical coincidence he wandered in and realized that it was right about where he left off and that he wanted to give it another try. So that will be going more slowly, but it's worth it. I think I remember having more complaints about canon divergence in S2 than I did for S1, but I also think I liked it a lot and my memories are foggy enough that it feels somewhat new again.

Speaking of Foggy, I also started my first rewatch of Daredevil S2, because there's no upper limit to how many shows you can rewatch at once. It's possible that some of what I didn't like in this season actually had its seeds right here at the beginning, and I was unable to notice at the time because I was so delirious with joy at seeing my favorite law firm again. I'll give it an entry of its own once I'm a little further in, but for now, here's one little (cool) thing I didn't pick up on the first time: Karen's car is Ben Urich's car. No, I know that was already obvious to everyone else, but I'd been wondering how and why she had a car in NYC, and this not only answered it but was kind of touching and an early indication of his influence on who she becomes.

Just a couple episodes of Firefly left. Unfortunately, one of them is "Heart of Gold", which kind of embarrasses me even when I watch it by myself. At least there's a Jayne/Vira scene. And I'm looking forward to seeing Serenity again; it's been too long.
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