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Saga Lately

Do you ever have that thing where one of your fandoms started out basically 100% perfect, so it's eventually more of a letdown than it should be whenever some little thing isn't perfect?

Like, I love love love Hazel's new design, but her dialogue has gotten a little cutesy.

Screenshot at Apr 06 19-40-28

Alana still can't quit with the hair dye, apparently. Other than that, she and Marko have never looked better. (Crash helms turn me on, okay?)

Screenshot at Apr 06 19-29-40

The big question since this arc began, of course, is how The Will got so fat. But guess what? I figured it out.

Screenshot at Apr 06 19-20-01

Those are the sky sharks from the planet where he first began having hallucinations of The Stalk. To keep seeing her, he has to keep eating the native food - and he either has to eat a lot of it, or it's high calorie. The Will Have Seconds, indeed.

The background stuff is often the best part of this comic. I mean, why did it make me so happy to see what this guard was doing with the clipboard?

Screenshot at Apr 06 19-27-40

I'm keeping this short because I don't know if anyone on my flist is even current on this comic, but if you are (or if you clicked the cut just to see some random panels), let it be known I'm easily prompted into Saga rambling!

Also, this is everything: there's a Lying Cat plush available for pre-order right now. I know. I know. WHAT.
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