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But back to Marvel

I thought the episode in which Bobbi and Hunter made their exit was a low point of the series. Just dull and awkwardly put together (although the Spies' Farewell was moving). I'm not interested in Marvel's Most Wanted now, but I'll probably end up watching it just because I'm like that.

More positively, I really liked tonight's episode and the one before that. Most of the characters are developing in good directions and some of the stuff happening is genuine fun. I'm not sure if I'm in the minority but I love Hive!Ward, especially with his new digs. Daisy being the most powerful person on the team kinda works for me. Fitzsimmons are building up to something that's going to make us smile and sniffle at the same time.

Also, A+ to all the references to the rest of the MCU. (I'm starting to quote my own April Fools Day fic, aren't I? I can't help that though.) It's a shame that the strongest link in the chain is the weakest property, but those little mentions of Hell's Kitchen or Sokovia add so much to the viewing experience.

Favorite bit of this last one was Coulson, twice: using Terminator to analyze time travel, and then getting paternally emotional over Daisy and forgetting her name in the middle of it. That's the Coulson I remember from Phase One.
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