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Stray Daredevil thoughts

Up to and including Episode 7.

~I'M SO HAPPY. Life is good when there's new Daredevil.

~Foggy has turned into a force to be reckoned with. Loving him speaking smartass to power and using his brain against violence.

~Karen too, damn. She is so totally earning her keep. Driven by the surprisingly powerful combination of curiosity and morality.

~No complaints about the way her relationship with Matt has developed so far, although of course my crackpot theory about his sex life has definitively been proven crackpot.

~Holy shit, Elektra. She is a bad bad woman and I want her to stay far away from my Matthew and stop influencing him with her badness, but that chemistry, right?

~Jessica got name dropped! By Marci, no less, who finally created a viable link between all the law firm goings-on of these two shows!

~Claire is the real hero, 'nuff said.

~I already knew that the Punisher was cast perfectly but now I'm thinking this is the performance that's going to immortalize the character and actor both.

~Father Lantom is so full of wisdom.

~Is it okay to eat a bunch of Cadbury mini eggs and then go straight to bed? That thing about chocolate late at night giving you nightmares is an old wives' tale, right?
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