Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

Do as Peggy says!

I liked the second season of Marvel's Agent Carter a lot more than the first one and I hope it gets renewed for a third.

The Jarvises got ever more Jarvelous, the love triangle was sweet and resolved reasonably, and everything was just so much more fun. The dance routine dream was perfect; delightful and hilarious and showcasing some surprising talents from the cast. It was also basically pointless in terms of character and plot development, as dream sequences often are, which makes me respect it more, not less. When you have all these pretty people in a historical setting with a large dose of silly, why not take a moment to remix it and give us something we would never otherwise get to see?

For that scene more than any other, I'm in love with Enver Gjokaj again, and kind of bemused that it took this long for him to really shine in that role. Maybe I just didn't see it in the first season, or I was still getting over my disappointment that it meant he wouldn't be cast as a current-timeline superhero or recur as the overwhelmed cop from Avengers. But, he's definitely the father of Peggy's children now, right? Not too shabby!

Looking forward to the return of Agents of SHIELD. Hoping they embrace the same philosophy of fun-infused drama.
Tags: a show i watched, marvel cinematic universe

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