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Daredevil is making me slowly perish

There are too many days between now and March 18th and I can't believe it takes twenty-four entire hours to get through just one of them.

Everything looks so good in the previews and I love Elektra and I love the Punisher. And there was this Yakuza girl who I bet is going to be a kickass villain, and there's more ethical discussion, and if you ship Matt and Foggy then lucky you.

But I'm also a little scared because what if there's some aspect that falls short? What if they play Matt's love triangle like Karen is the good girl he knows he should love but doesn't? What if someone dies? WHAT IF SOMEONE DIES? Elektra, sure, that's expected, but I don't think there's anyone else I could handle losing.

Can you help me, flist? Can you guide me through these long days of Not Yet Daredevil S2?
Tags: the defenders

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