January 26th, 2021

Aes Sedai

Snowflake Challenges #4-6

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Challenge #4

In your own space, create some goals.

Original fiction:

The Namefinder
Finish writing the first arc of a comic
Write a 2-5k word story about anything
Camp NaNoWriMo
A poem about animals


Complete a B/A one-shot
Work on one of my abandoned B/A projects
"All Partial Evil"
Rewrite the Rahne/Dany fic I started in 2020
Continue my Lion King fic
Begin my Kastle sequel

Art and crafting:

Paint another elephant
Make a fun tree or a cozy bed for Tealeaf
Advent calendar
Lord of the Rings digital art
Wheel of Time art
Take one of those monthly challenges like Inktober and actually do the whole month


I'm actually kind of in a good place with reading goals? Not because I've hit a lot of them; I'm just not that concerned anymore with how many I read per year, or which authors I can claim to have under my belt. I read a lot of good books and I can't really think of how to improve that by making an item to cross off later.

TV and games:

Finish FFIX
Watch The Clone Wars
Get started on a chronological MCU rewatch
Through S3 of Buffy reviews


Revisit my MMO
Repost my 30-day meme
Handwritten letters or postcards to anyone who wants them, sign up here

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Challenge #5

In your own space, promote a canon/talk about a part of canon that you love.

I'm going to be talking about The Wheel of Time a lot over the next year or two - if not here, then certainly elsewhere, so I may as well explain a little about how I got so attached to it.

Timing was part of it, as it so often is with favorite canons. I was about thirteen, and I knew fantasy was my favorite genre but didn't have all that much experience with it aside from The Lord of the Rings and some schlocky stuff aimed at...well, my own age group.

Then I met a girl a couple years older than me, whom we'll call Arya (incidentally, she later introduced me to A Song of Ice and Fire). In addition to the years of fast friendship that began there, her book recs were the best - overall, probably the most formative source of my literary tastes that I ever had. Even though I didn't know that at the time, I took a chance on The Eye of the World, and found it wholly different than anything I had ever enjoyed before.

Here's the thing: I liked fantasy because it was full of animals. As I child I read books about animals, and when I outgrew them I still secretly missed the animals. But fantasy brought them back - legendary creatures, talking beasts, animal sidekicks, or even just sentient races with animal traits.

The Wheel of Time didn't have any of those, just some monsters (until Loial shows up, but let's be honest, Ogier are basically extra-tall hobbits). Even the horses are hardly anything more than transportation. Oh boy, I thought. Every single character is human. This is the real deal. A grown-up book.

Halfway through the book some animals (wolves of course) started talking after all, but I would have been hooked even without them; the humans had already proven themselves. The world with its libraries worth of history, the hard limits on what magic could be accomplished, the interpersonal drama...I had to know what happened next.

Seven books later I had to take a breather to wait for the eighth one to be published, and unfortunately that coincided with The Slog. If you've been reading my book posts for a while you'll notice I hadn't even finished the series until last year, and I'm just now thinking about the span of time that I was obsessed with this series in comparison with the span that I was fed up with it, and...the latter is like ten times as long, guys, I'm not kidding.

Alright, so far this is way more autobiographical than it is promoting the canon that I'm talking about, and now I'm concerned that I may actually be turning potential readers off of it, but here's the thing: The Wheel of Time shaped who I am. It taught me what I like to read, and therefore what I like to write. It convinced me that growing up and paying attention to humans wouldn't be so bad. It gave me my friendship with Arya, which in turn gave me the most important social circle of my youth.

If I ever looked back and realized that the books weren't actually that good, I feel like a part of me would shrivel up and never recover. Fortunately, I don't have to - I still love this epic, quirky, unique story, and I can be proud of the kid I once was, understanding the value in it right from the start.

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Challenge #6

In your own space, rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

1. taaroko made this for last Halloween and it's so much fun, whether or not you love vampires.

2. I knew there was some hamsterwoman poetry I wanted to share, but I'm still not sure what it was, because while I was looking I found this one and it's based on the Great Houses of ASOIAF so you have to see it too.

House Acrostics

3. girlpire does awesome stuff with crocheting. These were my favorite.