January 13th, 2021


2020 Resolutions Check-In


Write for The Lion King
Finish one of my old B/A WIPs
Work on, if not finish, my oldest B/A WIP
Complete a fic of any length for the GotG fandom
"All Partial Evil"
Finish my Kastle WIP
One X-Men/BtVS crossover

So, all three of the uncrossed off ones are BtVS - the reason I prioritized the other fandoms is that I wanted my return to Buffy to come through the episode reviews, which come further down on the list. Somewhat pleased about getting all the others done, although only the GotG one qualifies as a one-shot so the rest have really only contributed to the mental catalogue of things I ought to get written.

Original fiction:

Revisit my YA fantasy novel
Clean up and post/publish a couple poems
Complete "Retronym"
Complete the romance novel I started a few years ago
Finish writing the first arc of a comic
Write a 2-5k word story about anything
Camp NaNoWriMo

I knew I wasn't being realistic with this category but it still stings a bit. I'll carry over most of these.

Art and crafting:

Make something for my nephew and/or nieces
Paint on a canvas
Make myself a skirt
Add a dozen items to my Etsy store
Make three finished pieces of digital fan art
Learn a new medium

Woohoo! Check me out, Artist-Craftsperson 2020!


Catch up on Squirrel Girl
Binge some classic Marvel
Twenty-four total books
Three of them from authors I've never read before
Reread Lord of the Rings and regularly post discussions on it

And this one was downright easy.

TV and games:

Catch up on Game of Thrones
Finish Lost
Finish The Legend of Korra
Revive my BtVS episode reviews
Complete Untitled Goose Game
Replace my PS2 and use it to finish FFIX

TV goals are easy too, of course, except when I stick something in there like the episode reviews. I only got one done, but I think I'll do better this year.


Revisit my homebrew 30-day meme
At least one book/movie/comic/TV/fanwork review or meta per month
Make good on my random goodwill meme promises
Revisit my MMO idea

I did the bare minimum on these, tbh, but if not for the meme I might not have bothered with any. Yay lists of goals!