August 17th, 2014

Dr. Zoidberg

All I said was buffalo but apparently it worked

Just gained a few friends from a site-wide meme, and you can too:

( multi-fandom friending meme )

Eventually LJ will probably turn into a wasteland populated by twenty or so of us inflexible stalwarts, all of whom are friends except for grrm, so we might as well start getting to know each other now and see who makes it to the Ablogalypse.

Tl;dr, this is me bidding a warm albeit absent-minded welcome to anyone who's decided to tolerate my presence on their flist. Man that makes me feel like I should show more appreciation for those of you who have been doing that for years. I swear, I've tried to be entertaining! I'm trying right now!

Second order of business, I've been nominated at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction awards (click the button to see the other nominees) for "Chorus", possibly the only fic I've written this year. Thanks, whoever!

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