June 21st, 2014

Shadar Logoth

The Greatest Act of Rebellion

Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say this: so far, the Buffy half of the Season 10 comics is bloody fantastic. The characters look right, they sound right. The plot development is interesting, the continuity respects longtime fans without alienating new ones, and the humor is funny.

You got fed up with Season 9, we all did. You gave up on the comics altogether, I get that. But if you stuck around (or came back) and you've read what I did over the last few months, raise a glass with me and forget all the criticism. Forget the postmodernist wannabes trying to find offensive tropes. Forget the bloggers glancing at pirated copies before insisting that it can't be good because the last series wasn't good. Forget the kid in the lettercol trying to revert to the weak former story model by justifying the PSA characters and bemoaning their sudden and blessed absence.

We've all had so many complaints about where this franchise has gone that I for one started viewing each minor improvement as nothing but damage control. I didn't want the comics to give me an engaging new story, I just wanted them to fix the old one. I wanted a canon explanation of Angel's actions as Twilight. I wanted Buffy to stop trying to act like an adult and start acting like an adult. I wanted Dawn to firmly reject Spike's friendship and make her reasons for it crystal clear. Etc. etc. etc. Season 9's Angel & Faith fulfilled a little of my wishlist while Season 9's Buffy piled on more things I wanted fixed and it did not level out to square one.

I still want those things. But you know, this has been the show from the very beginning (or at least the end of Season 5). Along with the good, you get gaping plot holes, foolish moral messages, badly written episodes, and an infuriating lack of resolution for any of the biggest mistakes. I kept watching/reading because in spite of it all, the characters and world I loved still existed and they were worth the time I spent with them. That doesn't change just because the faults haven't been retroactively healed by what's come since then.

Season 10, or at least half of it, may be shaping up to be better than not only Seasons 8 and 9, but Seasons 6 and 7 too. I propose we sit back and let it. We can't hinge everything on hoping for specific events to occur. The repair crew is never coming in. What we have now has to be enjoyed for its own merits, or it can't be enjoyed at all.

If that seems like a no-brainer, it is. If the book's not making you happy, drop it. I choose to pay my dollars, read, and love it.