April 16th, 2014

Shadar Logoth

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Like I said at the end of the last series, I won't be doing reviews for each issue of Season Ten. I said this mostly to preemptively assuage my own guilt at not getting a reaction post up promptly and not doing "my part" to keep discussion alive in our corner of the fandom. This was silly of me. Obviously I was going to feel guilty anyway.

But life is life and this is probably about the level of promptness that we can expect from me for the duration of the series. Now let's see what kind of reaction we can expect from me!

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Sorry for jamming all of this together, but I actually thought I'd be a lot briefer with my comments. As always, I'm all over the place but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to talk about these comics with anyone who wants to. Also happy to host a conversation if any of you just want a post where you can talk to each other. Dark Horse Buffy forever!