February 28th, 2014

Shadar Logoth


SMG ships B/A and it's heaven.

I ship Goliath/Elisa because holy crap how many fictional couples are there where they can only see each other after dark? And we're combining this with love that can never be and also he's psycho-protective over her even though she's a tough girl who can take care of herself? Is this real life television?

(This is the first show that's had me hunting for online fandom stuff since Friendship Is Magic. Probably could have predicted I'd love it this much, but not how frustrating it would be to not have easy access to an active fanbase. If anyone wants to talk about Gargoyles, YO.)

I forgot to mention in my last TV Lately post that I watched the entirety of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" on YouTube and don't even regret the time spent. I'm not part of P&P fandom beyond having always liked the book, but the vlog retelling is well-made and entertaining, and with a little bit of discipline, you can watch a few videos a day and it will enhance your life instead of taking it over. It's too late at night for me to go linking things; it'll turn up in a search if you want it.

Does anyone play games? Card, board, video? Christmas brought one of each to my household: Munchkins, Settlers of America (Catan Histories), and FFXIII. I could ramble on my own, but it would be more fun if someone was familiar or curious about any of those.

I went on a big icon mining quest and I'm all tricked out now. It was necessary. Gargoyles. Sleep is for the weak.