February 10th, 2014

Shadar Logoth

More TV Lately

The entire run of Disney's Gargoyles series is now legally available on YouTube.

I thought some of you might want to know, since it's an amazing show that was difficult to find until recently. And yes, this is coming from the perspective of someone who has gargoyles decorating her blog, mantlepiece, and skin, but I swear, it's not all about the title! Ask any geek of the 90's and they'll assure you, it was a revolutionary cartoon then and it holds up now. I watched the first two episodes tonight and might do the odd blog post on it as I continue.

In other TV news, Simon and I are finishing up the fourth season of Doctor Who, and he's finally starting to love it like I do, rather than just viewing it as something to do together. In retrospect, this is about where I got fully hooked too, which is incredibly weird when you think about it - if someone recommended me a show by saying "Don't worry, it gets better after the fourth season," I'd think they were nuts. But another weird (wonderful) thing is how the early seasons are so much more enjoyable the second time around. Even knowing Matt Smith is around the corner doesn't make the goodbye to David Tennant any easier.

Ponies are still ponies, and they're there for me every week, but the unspeakable glory that was promised to us in the form of a pony voiced by Weird Al Yankovic failed to deliver. The episode wasn't that funny and the songs weren't that good. It's a damned shame, is what! Maybe the reason we only hear about him when he has a "comeback" every five years or so is that he depletes all of his powers with every album and needs that time to regenerate them. Good thing there was a Discord song a few episodes back to make up for it.

I also started rewatching Seaquest: DSV. All of the shows above have proved better for nostalgic purposes, but none of them star any dolphins, do they.