December 28th, 2013

Shadar Logoth

Saga Lite, Part 3

Lots of other stuff I ought to be using LJ for, but I had this one more Saga scan post I wanted to make - and probably one more after this just for icons. The others I did were just a couple panels at a time, but this time it's three short scenes I wanted to share in full. The first one is a great study in how much can be conveyed without comprehensible dialogue, and the last one makes a lovely subversion of that scene in Avatar: the Last Airbender when a baby is...well, I won't spoil it.

Collapse )

And that's the end of my scannerfest. Not saying I'll never do it again but this "feature" in my blog obviously hasn't been a heavy hitter and it takes a relatively large amount of time to put together. That's okay; next time we'll just talk about the comic! Like, OH MY WORLD, did you SEE that last issue and EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER being in it PLUS THE BRAND *pantpant* please talk to me about Saga okay there has never been a better time for Saga talk.