September 23rd, 2013

Shadar Logoth

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Shadar Logoth

Saga Lite

So I've mentioned a couple times here that I've been completely obsessed with the comic series Saga for the past year, ever since ladydorotea gave me the first TPB at NYCC. Some of you, I've tried to rope in so I can surround myself with more fans, but there's one objection to it that I understand really, really well: it's just too graphic for some readers. Hell, it's kinda too graphic for me. I put up with disgusting images or disturbing themes because I like the intensity that surrounds them, but I don't expect everyone to, by any means.

What to do? Well, I have a lot of the issues digitally, so it wasn't too hard to cut out some panels to share with you. These contain SPOILERS. Very big SPOILERS. If gore and sex don't bother you and you're planning on reading the series, or even curious about it, don't read this. Instead go here and read the first issue for free so you know if you want to continue.

If you don't want to risk it, here's some summary, some introduction, and a lot of single/double panels as illustration, all safe to look at without your partner looking over your shoulder and wondering if you're sick. Not much I could do about the language, though. All of the characters have pretty dirty mouths.


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That's the basic premise. In another entry I'll introduce you to some of the secondary characters, and put up a few of my favorite sequences. Let me know if you're enjoying this! There's nothing I like more than sharing the Saga love.