July 22nd, 2013

Shadar Logoth


I'm back! I had an indescribably wonderful time and am now in my own home, cursing the heat and being doted on by my kitty and burd. I can't say as I've spent any of my leisure time working on something creative to show you, but I do want to spotlight a birthday image that janasbangel made me which sums up a lot of my feelings about the fandom community:


The text reminds me somehow of the meaning of the name 'Kairos', and alongside Buffy and Angel there's another of my favorite things, a corvid. I thought this was a pretty special piece. Thank you, Janas!

Also, check out my profile for Blinky the Pony, courtesy of kean_herself, because she's a dynamite lady you can always count on for a pony. I missed you, Kean!

Slowly going backward through the rest of the email I've had piling up so I can answer any further birthday greetings individually, but this one's an open post for HI and HOW YA DOING and WUV. Bless you my internet!
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