April 3rd, 2013

Shadar Logoth

A&F #17&18&19&20, Quad Feature Summary and Review

I haven't reviewed A&F since November and there's no way I'm getting four full summaries and reviews up before the next issue (or ever), but the ones I've missed are conveniently the bulk and conclusion of an arc, and of course the buzz around the last issue has reignited my interest to an extent. Not that I actually lost said interest; this is still the best Buffyverse comic happening, I'm still reading each issue, and whatever else your opinions, you have to admit that it's been an exciting arc. By now perhaps it's clear that my favorite ingredient to any comic is STUFF HAPPENING.

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So, is this four times longer than my average review? I doubt it, but it has to be long enough. Easter, April Fool's, the GoT premier, and only now am I popping up on LJ again - it's a sad state of affairs. Hope I can make it up to you, somehow, someday. :)