December 31st, 2011


2011 Master List

This is my third year making a post that collects my fanfiction, and it's gotten sparser each time...but I'm still here. I still write. That's what's important to me about keeping track like this.

Oh, and this year there's also stuff besides stories.


To Thee My Master, Angel&Faith (Season 8/9)
Gentleman of the Iron Pathway, Angel
The Rose of Nothing, Ensemble (Season 8/9)
Those We Wish Were Here With Us, Buffy/Angel (Adult)
Copper Sunrise, Buffy/Angel
Ten Obstacles to Being in Love as a Human, Buffy/Angel
First Snow, Buffy/Angel


Prompt: Family
Prompt: Restore

WIPs/Odds and Ends:

Older, Ensemble
Starving For Attention, Angel&Faith (Season 8/9)
Season 8 Summarized in Verse, Ensemble
Slaying Is Magic, Buffy/Angel (PONIES)
Armed and Dangerous, Buffy/Angel
Christmas Character Classifieds, Ensemble


Ten Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Season 9


The Temptation of St. Fluttershy (Friendship Is Magic)
Angel on the Dark Horse (Season 8/9)
Twilight (Season 8/9)
What Kairos Looks Like (All me)


Slaying Is Magic Pony Icons
Angel & Faith Icons
Various S8/S9 Icons
What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?