December 21st, 2011


Your B/A stocking is full and now you can dump it out on the floor!

Hey you! It's time to check out Christmas Warriors, the holiday B/A site that scribesds and her loyal minions (such as myself) put together. It's got a really cool design and holy cow, look at all those spanking-new stories to keep you busy! We lurves you Dark Star and Co.!

One of them is by me and I'm going to post it here as well - archiving, and all! Feedback is welcome here but please don't neglect the other material up at the site! Oh man I cannot stop using exclamation points tonight can I!

Title: First Snow
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 1782
Rating: General
Setting: Post-NFA
Notes: This one's for fluffernutter8, because every time I post one of my angsty B/A stories she tells me I need to write something fluffy, and every time I agree, and then I go back to writing more angst. But not this time!

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