November 23rd, 2011


IWRY Fic: the Official One!

It's my official day at iwry_marathon!

Title: Ten Obstacles to Being in Love as a Human
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 3069
Rating: General
Disclaimer: It's someone's something, I'm just using it.
Summary: The angsty side of Buffy and Angel's post-Shanshu bliss. Angel's POV.
Notes: Two reasons that I wanted to write this particular fic. First is to balance my old story Ten Observations on Being in Love with a Human (not necessary to read that first!), which I have very fond feelings about because it's the one that got me the most attention. So this is like Hollywood making sequels of its biggest hits because Hollywood likes attention too.

The other reason has to do with my personal feelings about this pairing. Plenty of writers speculate about their future together with Angel as a human, but the conflict in those stories tends to fall back on typical couple stuff - arguing over trivialities, growing restless in their situation, yearning for the old days. I honestly don't think Buffy and Angel would have any of the typical couple issues. They are each others' perfect happiness and if they had the chance to live it, they'd never take it for granted.

They'd still have issues, though.

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