November 15th, 2011


Happy Birthday Kean!

Continuing my tradition of forgetting birthdays until the last minute, so here's a poem about Kean ON THE FLY:

I don't know why her name is Kean.
I've never asked her what it means.
But I know she is keen and I raise my glass
To a most fantastic lass.

I met her in an LJ post
Her comments make more sense than most
She always has good points to make
I hope today she's eating cake.

Sometimes Kean confuses me;
She says 'Bangel' with a hard G.
But she lives in a magical mystery land,
And her caring heart is something grand.

Her name is Kean and she is keen,
My synaesthesia thinks she's green.
Fandom is lucky to have her here,
So raise the Happy Birthday cheer!
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In defense of Sansa Stark

Been a while since I wrote anything about ASOIAF. I'm still in my re-read and finally got to A Feast for Crows, which was exciting because this is the one I've only read once, when it was first released. I didn't even own a copy until I searched all over the internet for an oversize paperback to match my copies of ACoK and ASoS, which still doesn't leave me with a matching set of books, but whatever, at least it's three of a kind.

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