July 25th, 2011


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Forgot to mention (but it's not too late) that Scribes of Angel is celebrating its tenth birthday, and great new stuff has been going up and you should take a look. My angst-ridden Damnation's Castaway Awakening now has a spot, and taaroko has joined the ranks with her Windows to the Soul, and there are two stories by scribesds herself, and also, et cetera!

I became acquainted with Scribes a couple years ago, when I posted my story "Ten Observations on Being in Love with a Human" here on LJ and leni_ba recc'ed it for me. Dark Star showed up and asked if she could archive it, and I was like, "Sure, and also let's be friends because I don't have too many!" and shortly after, I found out that the site in question was actually a pretty big deal with a quality standard that I could be proud of, and I still am.

Anyway, that experience brought me deeper into fandom, not only for the increased exposure for my B/A fanfiction, but because making friends with Dark Star led me to Blood Roses and the IWRY Marathon and all the good times they've brought me and the wonderful people I've met through them.

And apart from all that, Scribes is still a fantastic source for finding stories about Angel. It's worth celebrating. Here's to another ten years!

Older (Part 11 of ??)

Title: Older
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: This part, 2400 or thereabouts
Disclaimer: It's Joss's car, I'm just driving it.
Notes: This is for ital_gal. I wish I could say it came with the promise of more reasonable intervals between each update, but I can at least say that your interest in the series helps fuel my determination to finish it.

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