July 17th, 2011


Inner glowy things

Just watched Iron Man 2 at last (yeah, I know, it's been out for years, I'm slow). If it succeeded in anything, it was getting me stoked for The Avengers, which does indeed have the side effect of making one wonder exactly what percentage of each of these movies is strictly advertisement for more movies.

A couple questions about Tony Stark: Does anyone like him? Not just enjoy watching him (frak me, he's a morsel), but feel willing and able to defend him as a person? Would you ship him with anyone?

I wouldn't, but I'm trying to pinpoint some kind of tingle that I got from watching the character and his removable glowing heart. I'll just be frank here - is there a fetish to encompass this? I do not know fetishes so I must depend on my flist to identify them for me. The closest parallel I can draw is Angel being forced to rely on his highly beneficial but unwanted vampirism (but even immortality does not glow).

Oh, and I'm feeling a little more okay about Scarlet Johanssen (sp?). She's Black Widow, aye? She'll do.