July 10th, 2011


Let me show you my toybox!

My toybox, let me show you it. Hey, look at me all paying attention to things other than my internal organs. Yes, I'm better; sorry for the whining preceding recovery.

I was just reading backward through my flist and answered this survey for writers_toybox, and thought I might as well post it here, too, since it serves as one of those writing memes I see going around sometimes. Feel free to use it, alter questions if they don't apply to you, but if anything catches your interest, do take a peek at the community. We have a rather exciting challenge in the works, and more writers are always welcome and celebrated.

There's been talk in the last few months to the effect of "What happened to B/A?", because there have been so few new stories written. It's a discouraging outlook, and if you're someone who has noticed or felt the lack, I have to give you this answer: We are B/A. If you write, write; if you make graphics or vids or meta, make them; if you only want to observe, then do so, but do it with comments and reviews. There is always someone listening; all that's left to us is to find each other.

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