April 8th, 2011


This is what you should be watching.

I know this isn't where anyone comes for news on the latest big thing, but remember last year when I was salivating over my favorite fantasy series being adapted for HBO? I stopped talking about it because I didn't have many friends who had read the books and not much to dangle in front of everyone else aside from tiny bits of news about language and casting and such.

The first episode airs on April 18th, and news has gotten a lot less tiny. If you haven't read the books and plan to watch the show, I offer you this half-hour making-of special to get psyched, and perhaps to give you a head start on figuring out the characters, houses, etc. (There are many; it might be frustrating at first.) If you have read the books but haven't been following the show's promotion or have otherwise missed this, you'll get a kick out of it.

If you fall into any other category, well. There's a shot of a dog direwolf attacking an intruder. There's also some femmeslash. ('Cause in my fandom, that's canon.) Enjoy yourselves.

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