February 10th, 2011


For I've been singing half the night on this side of the gate.

By random happenstance I picked up a newspaper at work today and discovered that Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, died at 71.

For a few years of my youth, I lived and breathed Redwall. As I got older, the repetition and the increasingly uncomfortable associations of evil with race began to turn me off, but the thing is, the guy was writing for kids and he knew it. All the validation he needs is the kind I gave him when I was at the right age for it.

I saw him once, doing a talk at a bookstore in Oregon. He ended many of his sentences with an infectious chuckle, and explained that whenever he heard a story that involved a feast, he always said, "Well wait a minute. What did they eat?"

Goodbye, you dear jolly old man. I hope Heaven makes a good Turnip n'Tater n'Beetroot Deeper n' Ever Pie.