February 6th, 2011


Season 8 Fic: To Thee My Master

Title: To Thee My Master
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 1589
Rating: General
Setting: Post-#40
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Boss Whedon and his merry band of Mutant Enemies.
Notes: In the last issue we learned that Giles left Faith his horses. I'm a fan of horses and wanted to see what she was up to with them, especially regarding the recovery of her charge. The narrator is an OC. Sort of.

You may recognize the names of the horses from projectpara. I liked them more than anything I could think of myself, so I asked scribesds if I could borrow them.

The title comes from one version I found of the anonymous "Horse's Prayer". If you look that up, don't blame me when you get to the end and start bawling.

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