January 2nd, 2011

Shadar Logoth

2010 Master List

I didn't write as much as I wanted to this year, but I still have a list. I took a look back at this meme that I answered last year about fanfic writing, and noted that one of my goals was to start writing and posting "Years If Ever"...the second part didn't happen, but I did get a little of it written, so there's that. I will not be filling out the same meme again; it'll just stop me from doing my real writing.

So, here's everything except whatever drabbles I may have written for open_on_sunday. They are lost forever and there weren't that many, or very good ones, anyway.


The Road from Babel, Buffy/Angel (Adult)
Creatures of Legend, Xander/Dawn (Season 8)
Peace Talks, Ensemble (Drabbles)
Fragile, Buffy/Angel
My Lady D'Arbanville, Buffy/Angelus
Without Me, Buffy/Angel
Pair Skating, Buffy/Angel
Wake Up (from a Deep Sleep) and Live (Happily Ever After), Buffy/Angel
Queen of Diamonds, Buffy/Angel
Puppy Love, Ensemble (Season 8)

WIPs/Odds and Ends:

Untitled Ficlet, Dru/OC
Untitled Ficlet, Cordy/Doyle
Older, Ensemble
All Too Possible, Part One and Part Two, Ensemble
Three Older'verse Drabbles, Ensemble
Nine Older'verse Drabbles, Ensemble
Eleven Older'verse Drabbles, Ensemble


Luck of the Draw, Faith/Gambit (X-Men)