November 11th, 2010

Shadar Logoth

And this is my special hyperventilation time!

A world of thanks and high-pitched squeals of joy to both carlyinrome for my new header, and kita0610, for masterminding it. The original artwork is by Dav Pilkey, from his children's book God Bless the Gargoyles. The background image is one I found in my files, a photograph taken by my geologist friend. It seemed to fit, though I'm a bit rough around the edges at web design.

I'd like to get better, starting with some more work on this blog, so I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a good source for the basics. Even some entry-level HTML would work. For instance, I want to put a picture in my profile and dock it to one side with text on the other side-- really simple stuff, but where are the instructions for that?

Also, I'm finally going to cash in LJ tokens that ital_gal gifted me, so I'll soon be swimming in icon space. Where do I find awesome icons, guys, huh huh huh?

Hey, it looks like today's my IWRY day, too. I'll post the story here as well (in the morning). Already got some feedback and now I'm behind again in replying to people and thanking them! Here I thought it was going to be a bad night just because my bike tire busted.

Wub you guys. Now look at my gargoyles, dammit.
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Shadar Logoth

IWRY: The Road From Babel

Title: The Road From Babel
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 10,042
Characters: Buffy/Angel
Rating: R
Disclaimer: It's Joss's yellow fish, I'm just putting it in my ear.
Summary: The words were always in the way.
Notes: You can also find this on the official IWRY 2010 page and linked on iwry_marathon. I'll receive your feedback if you leave it in either place. (Hint, hint.)

This story kicked my butt, due mostly to its length, but it's done and I hope you enjoy it. I've been told it's a tearjerker. What makes me more nervous than that is the rating-- this contains my first-ever smutty scene(s) and I'm turning red just thinking about it. Um, go easy on me and don't read it if you're underage. There. Oh gosh still blushing. Sex is scary.

My eternal gratitude goes to librarian2003, whose beta skills saved me from drowning in my own words. Any remaining errors are mine. You'll find a couple more notes at the bottom, to prevent spoilers.

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