June 17th, 2010

Shadar Logoth

Drabbles for "Move"

The prompt at open_on_sunday this week seemed to have a lot of potential, so I was going to do another run through the Older'verse in another attempt to motivate myself to finish the story. After the first three, though, my brain wouldn't, uh...."move".

Despite the use of the prompt, I'm not going to post these at the community itself. Maybe I'm being prissy but they just don't seem worth it.


Giles didn’t feel better by the time he got to the library, but the sight of an animated, composed Slayer engaged in a discussion of strategy with two Watchers was an enormous relief. “Kendra,” he greeted her. “I wasn’t expecting you to make it here so soon.”

“Zabuto moves quickly,” said Quentin. “As can we all, provided our lines of communication are open.”

Giles ignored the barb, and Kendra didn’t seem to notice it. “I weel be of sarvice while Buffy recovers,” she said with her usual formality, but her expression revealed a hint of worry. “She weel recover?”

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